Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and vaccines
Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and vaccines

1. ​​Government adjusts local anti-epidemic measures

With a view to enabling citizens to resume their normal daily lives in a continuous and orderly manner, in light of the epidemic development and relevant risks assessment by the Department of Health (DH), the Government announced that local anti-epidemic measures are adjusted starting from December 29, including removing definition of close contacts and ceasing issuance of quarantine orders, removing the Vaccine Pass requirement, lifting social distancing measures except mask-wearing, adjusting testing arrangements and maintaining local healthcare services.
For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202212/29/P2022122900035.htm

2. Government adjusts testing arrangements for inbound persons

The Government announced that starting from December 29, the pre-departure testing arrangements for all inbound persons are standardised and all nucleic acid testing requirements after their arrival at Hong Kong are lifted. Inbound persons are advised to conduct daily rapid antigen test (RAT) until Day 5 after their arrival at Hong Kong.
For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202212/28/P2022122800773.htm

3. Government appeals persons infected with COVID-19 to use medical services efficiently

To better combat the COVID-19 epidemic, the Government appealed that persons infected with COVID-19 may consider using private medical services efficiently so as to help alleviate the pressure on the public healthcare system.
For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202212/23/P2022122300746.htm

4. Supply of medicine containing paracetamol in Hong Kong

Government stated that the recent increase in demand for medicine for relief of pain and fever is noted, in particular certain brand of medicine containing paracetamol for use as analgesics and antipyretics. The Government stressed that the stock level of medicine containing paracetamol in the public healthcare system is sufficient and appealed to drug retail outlets such as pharmacies and supermarkets to closely monitor the sale of the relevant drugs for maintaining steady supply to those in need.
For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202212/22/P2022122200801.htm

5. Latest shipment of Comirnaty bivalent vaccine arrives in Hong Kong

The latest shipment of about 520 000 doses of the Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.4-5 bivalent vaccine (i.e. Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.4-5 (15/15 micrograms)/dose Dispersion for Injection COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine (nucleoside modified)) by Fosun Pharma/BioNTech arrived in Hong Kong on December 23as arranged by Fosun Pharma.
For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202212/23/P2022122300533.htm

6. Government announces provision of COVID-19 vaccines by private market and updated arrangement for Government COVID-19 vaccination programme

The Government announced earlier that a total of the three types of COVID-19 vaccines (Comirnaty ancestral strain vaccine (30 micrograms/dose), Comirnaty bivalent vaccine and CoronaVac vaccine) (registered COVID-19 vaccines) being supplied in Hong Kong by two drug manufacturers, namely Fosun Pharma and Sinovac, have been registered as pharmaceutical products in Hong Kong in accordance with the Pharmacy and Poisons Regulations (Cap. 138A). The Government announced the updated vaccination arrangements.
For details, refer to: https://www.info.gov.hk/gia/general/202212/22/P2022122200711.htm

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