Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and vaccines
Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and vaccines

1. Government further tightens social distancing measures
​​In view of the very dire epidemic situation in Hong Kong, the Government announced further tightening of social distancing measures and its intention to maintain the relevant measures till April 20. The Government will arrange gazettal to extend the social distancing measures by cycles of 14 days in accordance with the public health emergency regulations under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance, with the next cycle taking effect from February 24 to March 9.

2. Government announces implementation arrangements for Vaccine Pass
​​The Vaccine Pass arrangement is implemented in all catering business and scheduled premises from February 24. The Government announced the detailed implementation arrangements.

3. Government announces criteria for discharge from isolation for infected persons
​​The Government announced the criteria for discharge from isolation for persons infected with COVID-19, with a view to making proper use of community isolation facilities (CIF), prioritising the processing of more imminent cases and reducing the potential transmission risks brought by the cases as far as possible.

4. Government provides further support to persons pending admission to hospitals or isolation facilities
​​The Government will provide further support to persons pending admission to hospitals or isolation facilities (hereinafter as "persons pending admission") starting from February 21. This enables better health protection for them during the waiting period and reduces transmission risk in the community.
The Government will distribute electronic wristbands and anti-epidemic kits to these persons pending admission by batches, and offer them specific recommendations on health monitoring, infection control advice, arranging daily necessities and garbage disposal etc.

5. Hospital Authority activates two more designated clinics
​​The Hospital Authority (HA) announced that it will activate two more designated clinics on February 24 to cope with the rapid and huge increase in the number of confirmed patients, which has overwhelmed the capacity of isolation facilities of public hospitals, and community treatment and isolation facilities.

6. Latest quarantine arrangements for foreign domestic helpers
​​The Government announced that starting from March 1, all foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) coming to work in Hong Kong may choose to undertake compulsory quarantine at both designated quarantine facilities (DQFs) or designated quarantine hotels (DQHs).

7. Government extends place-specific flight suspension mechanism
​​The Government announced that the place-specific flight suspension mechanism for Australia, Canada, France, India, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States of America will be extended to April 20.

8. 51st round of compulsory testing for staff members of RCHEs, RCHDs and nursing homes to commence shortly
The Government announced that the 51st round of compulsory testing for staff members of residential care homes for the elderly (RCHEs), residential care homes for persons with disabilities (RCHDs) and nursing homes will commence shortly.

9. Ethnic minority languages translation for COVID-19 Patients Pending Admission
The "Health Advice for Persons Pending Admission to a Hospital or Isolation Facility" have been translated into various languages and uploaded to CHP website:

Translations for the "Joint Recommendations on Caring for Children and Adolescents with COVID-19 at Home by The Hong Kong Paediatric Society, The Hong Kong Society for Paediatric Immunology Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Hong Kong College of Paediatric Nursing and Hong Kong Paediatric Nurses Association" have also been uploaded to the CHP website:

More information on COVID-19 vaccines:

We would like to solicit your support to disseminate the information to your colleagues, work associates and/or business partners so that they could adopt proper preventive measures. Thank you very much for your support.

Department of Health
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