Treasure our water (The Water Supplies Department WSD)

The Water Supplies Department (WSD) has launched a new publicity campaign titled "Treasure Our Water" to raise public awareness of treasuring the precious fresh water sources while visiting the Hong Kong countryside. The public shall also be reminded not to litter or throw rubbish or objects into the reservoirs, and not to engage in activities such as water play, washing or animal release in water gathering grounds, catchwaters and reservoirs. These activities not only will cause water pollution to the waterworks but also liable for contravention of the Waterworks Ordinance (Cap. 102).

The publicity campaign with the slogan “Treasure our water while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the countryside” comprises of a two-episode video series, poster and leaflet. The first episode of the video series in six language versions has just been broadcasted and is accessible at the links as below.

Treasure Our Water (1) (English)

3-min Video:
30-sec abridged version:

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