Express Your Love of Hong Kong Through Photos (10 – 26 June 2022) MAC

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China

Miss Cherry and Our HOME Centre — sub centre SSP arrange a big photo competition, the welcome gift Haagen-Dazs Ice cream and champion gift Camera is waiting for you to collect it!! Let’s join my Photo competition program. One name one photo, if the photo successfully registration, then will be given one ice-cream.

Submission Period: 10 – 26 June 2022
No aged limited
1. Photo include: "7"/ "1"/ "25"/"1997"/ Red Color and Participants must be included in the photos about 100 words description

2. One name can only submit one picture throughout the activity until 26 June,2022

3. Each participant should invite 3 friends and provide their Instagram user name

Successful enrolment:
Pictures will be reposted on Home Centre Instagram page. The highest likes rate will be the Champion. Stay tune with our page and invite your friends to join! Please directly send me your photo and description.

Violence, Rough words, Sexy, Bloodiness will be not accepted

You should involve in your photos
Invite your friends join together, 3 Friends
Please watch carefully about the poster — Registration Details, which already demonstrate the SUBMISSION EXAMPLE

All the photos will be demonstrated at the exhibition in September, welcome to visit the exhibition at MAC centre!!

Enquiry+ Submission: Please Whatsapp Ms Cherry @9300 6955

Respect the event, Respect yourself, Respect others, please do not copy photo on the Internet, otherwise disqualification, because all photos will be demonstrated in the exhibition which it represents our quality

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