New Home Association Concerning Nepal Earthquake and Providing Responsive Support Services

New Home Association Concerning Nepal Earthquake
and Providing Responsive SupportServices


It is with sadness that a 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, killing more than 4,000people, and the death toll is rising with unexpected and continuous after shocks.  New Home Association(“NHA”), as a charitable organization serves ethnic minorities and new arrivals including Nepalese in Hong Kong.  


NHA concerns Nepalese people who are suffering in Nepal in the disaster, as well as our Nepalese friends and clients who are now living in Hong Kong and worrying about their home town. NHA is ready to respond to the needs of the affected, as follows:


1         New Home Association Hotline Service : 1833 266

1.1        Individuals or families who may have experienced stress and emotional problems are also welcome to call the hotline at 1833266 (press 3 and then press 8) for emotional support, counseling and referral service. Our Nepalese staff will aid in communication if needed.The hotline is open for public, other organizations in need aswell as members of NHA.  Professional social workers and counsellors would provide counselling to help individuals and families with emotional problems by strengthening their skills in coping with stress and working out positive ways to face their situation.  Referral to other welfare services would alsobe made where appropriate.


2         New Home Association Emergency Fund   

2.1     Due to the sudden financial needs of the affected caused by the disaster, NHA setsup a Specialized Emergency Fund Service, as a special humanitarian consideration for the Nepal Earthquake Disaster affected, is now open to the needy Nepalese people who are currently living in Hong Kong but whose familiesare suffered from the disaster in Nepal. Needy individuals and families may contact NHA for further information and assessment for applying the Emergency Fund.


3         NewHome Association Telephone Caring Service

3.1        NHA, via the “HOME Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities” which is sponsored by the Home Affairs Department, has served around 3,000 Nepalese members.  Some of the members may feel anxious andinsecure, especially those with relatives or friends who are being suffered.  Our Nepalese staffs and volunteers would send our caring calls to understand their needs, providesupport service that we could and make necessary referrals. 


4         Collaborationson Providing Support Service to the Affected  

4.1     Hong Kong with around 30,000 Nepalese people currently living in Hong Kong,our heart and support is with Nepalese friends and would like to provide timely support for them. 

4.2        As an one-stop professional charitable organization with ethnic minorities staffs, NHA would provide translation service for Government departments, EM organizations and our members  in needy. Our Nepalese staffs and volunteers would be able to assist the communications and delivery needy service to the affected.

4.3        NHA would like to make an appeal to the public for helping the affected people in Nepal by sending aid and relief to survivors inneed, and the collected donation will befully given to the Consulate General of Nepal Hong Kong.



Let us pray for Nepal.  May the casualties rest in peace and may the survivors and rescuers have the strength to carry on.  NHA is, as always, with our Nepalese friends and ready for fully support them under this difficult moment.


For enquiry and more information, you are welcome to contact Ms. Amy KUAN (Assistant Centre-in-charge of HOME Centre) at 3610 4428 or Ms. Tika (Nepalese staff) at 9545 4202 or Ms. Demuna (Nepalese staff)at 3610 4418.



New Home Association

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