EM Youth Unit

Starting from 28 July 2014, youth units were established in both YTM Centre and SSP Sub-centre as an enhanced measure to strengthen support services for EMs.  We will providede dicated programmes to help the personal growth and development of EM youths.

The youth unit aims to:

  • provide tailor-made programmes and activities to realize the potential and aspirations of EM youths,
  • direct EM youths to healthy life styles and spend their leisure time constructively by exploring their interests and hobbies,
  • empower EM youths to overcome their difficulties and problems,
  • provide guidance and support to EM youths and refer those with welfare and special counselling needs to government departments or non-profit-making organisations as appropriate,
  • collaborate with local organisations to engage EM youths to join activities with Chinese and other youths to enhance social integration and racial harmony


The Youth Unit of HOME Centre provides a wide range of services including:

1.Cantonese Learning Development Course

2.Mobile Youth unit

3.Youth Development Programme

  • Sports Training
  • Adventure Training
  • Teenage Mutual Support Group
  • Interest Class
  • Youth Volunteer Training Programme
  • Youth Exploration Tour
  • Career Workshop
  • Career Tour

4.Guidance and Counselling Service

Two new drop-in services, Youth Zone and Relax Corner, were also set up in our centres.  Do feel free to come and visit us at any time!

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