Joint statement of health advice
Hello! Everyone,

Below is the website link to the joint statement of health advice issued by

- The Hong Kong Paediatric Society
- The Hong Kong Society for Paediatric Immunology Allergy and Infectious Diseases,
- Hong Kong College of Paediatric Nursing
- Hong Kong Paediatric Nurses Association

"How to manage children with COVID at home" (14 February 2022).

The joint statement was translated into 8 ethnic minority languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese) and recorded as sound clips.
The translated versions and
the sound clips of the joint statement are available in the link below
The joint statement:

The Chinese and English versions are available on the Government's

COVID-19 thematic website:
English version:


_(Under "Useful Information")

Chinese version:

_(Under "有用資訊")


Take care & Stay safe
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