2021 Population Census (23.6.2021-4.8.2021)
The Census has just commenced from 23.6.2021 to 4.8.2021. The aim is to obtain up-to-date benchmark information on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population as well as its detailed geographical distribution. The information is useful for the planning of social services and facilities in our community. Attached please find the publicity posters in Hindi, Nepali and Urdu languages for your reference. There are 8 more EM languages provided and can be downloaded  from the website of the Census.  
        For more details, please visit the website of https://www.census2021.gov.hk/tc/online_exhibition.html.   In case your members have any question in completing the questionnaire, please call the Census Service Centre hotline at 18 2021.  

        Thank you for your support in the 2021 Population Census.

Urdu Version 

Nepali Version 

Hindi Version

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