(Multilingual) Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
(Multilingual) Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The Government to further expand the scope for compulsory testing
A number of confirmed cases were recently found in certain districts in Hong Kong, including Yau Ma Tei and Jordan, over a short period of time. To cut the transmission chain in the community as soon as possible, the Government is determined to strengthen 'compulsory testing on mandatory basis'.

Persons subject to testing under the compulsory testing notices should, as far as reasonably practicable, take appropriate personal disease prevention measures including wearing a mask and maintaining hand hygiene, and, unless for the purpose of undergoing the specified test, stay at their place of residence and avoid going out until the test result is ascertained as far as possible. The Government will seriously follow up on the compliance of compulsory testing notices by persons subject to compulsory testing, and continually review the compulsory testing arrangement of the above specified areas taking into account the epidemic development.

Since the infection risk in the community of the specified areas might be higher, the Government encourages residents in the areas to undergo testing proactively and promptly, even if they are not subject to compulsory testing. The mobile specimen collection stations will provide free testing services for all residents in the areas regardless of whether they are subject to compulsory testing or not.

To facilitate ethnic minorities to receive the Government’s latest epidemic prevention information, the main content of the COVID-19 Thematic Website has been translated into nine different languages, including Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Thai, Indonesian, Filipino, Sinhala, Bengali and Vietnamese.

For more details, please refer to the website and videos:

Information on compulsory testing
(For other most updated information, please also refer to daily press releases.)

Video - Appeal for COVID-19 Testing
 (Nepali 尼泊爾文)         https://youtu.be/Xmnl4Nz7pgY
(Urdu 巴基斯坦文)         https://youtu.be/t12aNpIoYYI
(Hindi 印度文)         https://youtu.be/rYRZWKYU82A

Video - Appeal for Prevention of COVID-19
(Nepali 尼泊爾文)         https://youtu.be/XudaQKXqQTY
(Urdu 巴基斯坦文)         https://youtu.be/nCj9BsGgKfk
(Hindi 印度文)         https://youtu.be/BYb18KEYNLw

We would like to solicit your support to disseminate the information to your colleagues, work associates and/or business partners so that they could adopt proper preventive measures. Thank you very much for your support.

Department of Health
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