Updated information on COVID-19: Government continues to relax social distancing measures in a gradual and orderly manner
Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Government continues to relax social distancing measures under Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance in a gradual and orderly manner

Taking into account the latest assessment of public health risk, starting this Friday (September 18), the Government will further extend the hours when dine-in services are allowed at catering business premises to midnight, and re-open those catering premises and scheduled premises which have not been allowed to open under the last three phases owing to the higher infection risk involved, namely bars or pubs, bathhouses, all places of public entertainment (including theme parks and exhibition venues), party rooms, clubs or nightclubs, karaoke establishments and swimming pools. The Government will also relax the restrictions currently applicable to some scheduled premises, including those concerning wearing of mask and arrangement of groups in fitness centres and sports premises.

The Government will continue to closely monitor the development of the epidemic situation, and consider when and how to further adjust social distancing measures having regard to the latest risk assessment. At this stage, we need the co-operation of members of the public in order to further bring the epidemic under control. To this end, amidst resumption of social and economic activities, we appeal to members of the public to continue to maintain the awareness of epidemic prevention, particularly to stay vigilant and maintain personal and environmental hygiene, in order to prevent the recurrence of epidemic outbreak in the community.

For more details, please refer to the press release and the Annex:


Annex: https://gia.info.gov.hk/general/202009/16/P2020091500937_349442_1_1600189518377.pdf

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We would like to solicit your support to disseminate the information to your colleagues, work associates and/or business partners so that they could adopt proper preventive measures. Thank you very much for your support.

Department of Health

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