Universal Community Testing Programme
 Universal Community Testing Programme

The COVID-19 Universal Community TestingProgramme has been extended until September 11 (Friday).  Those who areinterested in taking the tests should book a time slot online in advance at https://booking.communitytest.gov.hk/form/index.jsp.  

If you need assistance to make a booking, please contact HOME Centre (YTM)  at 3610 4418 or HOME Sub-centre (SSP) at 3610 4428

Information on the Programme in ethnicminority languages are available on the Home Affairs Department Race RelationsUnit website at https://www.had.gov.hk/rru/english/home/index.html 

Join the test, Protect yourself and others! 

The Universal Community Testing Programme (UCTP) aims to better gauge the COVID-19 infection situation in Hong Kong and find asymptomatic patients as early as possible to achieve early identification, early isolation and early treatment, and to cut the virus transmission chain in the community. The UCTP also aims to allow members of the public who wish to undergo free virus testing to receive the service. For details, please refer to the UCTP’s webpage.

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