Free MMR Vaccination (Before 4 Jul) YTM

Deadline: 4 Jul 2020
For HK resident who is born between 1967 to 2002, non-immune to measles (please become HOME Centre member first before registration. Membership is free.)

There are two doses of the vaccine

  • Vaccination date & time: 1st dose (15 Jul 2020 9:30am-12:00nn), 2nd dose (17 Aug 2020 9:30am-12:00nn)
  • Vaccination location: Mong Kok (near Langham Place)
  • You will need to come to HOME Centre to fill in a screening form before and pay $100 deposit before 9 Jul 2020
  • All deposit will be given back to you after the 2nd dose of the vaccine
  • Quota: 40 (1st come 1st served)
  • The vaccine were manufactured with the formula which includes gelatin originated from porcine skin collagen as one of the inactive ingredients.
  • HOME Centre reserves the right to make the final decision.

Enquiry & membership:
HOME Centre (YTM)
Tel : 3610 4418 (please contact Miss Rajina or Miss Anjali)

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