Escaping a house fire

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A fire broke out in an apartment building in Yuen Long last Saturday and a-one-year-old baby boy died after taken to the hospital. There was another fire accident in Yau Ma Tei earlier this month. It is important to learn how we can escape a house fire. If we decide to leave our apartment during a fire accident (some other times, it may be safer to stay home and wait for the rescue there), there are three essential items to bring along with us- KEY, WET TOWEL and MOBILE PHONE.

  • Your house KEY is very useful if you encounter smoke and fire on your escape route. You can always go back home and take refuge there until the fireman arrives.
  • The WET TOWEL is used to cover your mouth and nose to prevent inhaling smoke to your lung (remember smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death for victims of fires).
  • Take your MOBILE PHONE with you, call 999 and tell the fireman of your exact location.

Bringing these three items with us is only the first step, there are other skills we can learn to protect ourselves in case of a house fire. We are looking forward to hosting talks on this topic to you all in the coming future. Please come and join us !

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